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Mauser SR-93 Sniper Rifle (Germany)

mause sr93

mause sr93 dutch

Caliber(s): 7.62x51mm NATO (.308Win), .300 Winchester Magnum, .338 Lapua Magnum
Operation: manually operated rotary bolt action
Length: 1230 mm
Barrel: 690 mm
Weight: 5.9 kg less telescope sight
Feed Mechanism: 5 (.338LM) or 6 (.300WM) rounds detachable box magazine

The Mauser SR-93 sniper rifle was developed by famous Mauser Werke company during early 1990s especially for G22 long range sniper rifle trials of German army (Bundeswehr). The intent of these trials was to procure a new sniper rifle which will defeat current body armor at ranges of up to 600 meters Eventually, these trials were won by Accuracy International AWM rifle chambered for .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge, and only few Mauser SR-93 sniper rifles were produced before Rheinmetall took over the business. Few of Mauser SR-93 sniper rifles were used by European police organizations, such as special police forces of Netherlands and Germany, and some more were sold to collectors. It is believed that only about 120 SR-93 rifles were ever made.

Mauser SR-93 sniper rifle is manually operated rifle with rotating bolt that has two frontal locking lugs. One specific feature of SR-93 is that it can be easily conferted from right - to left-hand operation without tools (by re-installation of the bolt handle to the opposite side). Manual safety, magazine release and other elements of the rifle also were completely ambidextrous as well. Mauser SR-93 features an aluminum chassis with screw-on polymer forend and pistol grip. The barrel is free-floated and is fitted with special muzzle brake. Buttstock is of skeletonized design, and has a fully adjustable buttplate and cheek rest. Rifle was fitted with integral folding bipod under the forend, and an integral rear monopod of adjustable height, built into the shoulder stock. Ammunition is fed from detachable box magazines. No iron sights were provided, and for G22 trials rifle was offered with Hensoldt 3-12X56 telescope sight, although other types of telescope or night sights can be installed on the rail at the top of receiver using appropriate mounts. Standard calibers were .338 Lapua Magnum or .300 Winchester Magnum, with 7,62 NATO caliber conversion kits being offered for low-cost training.

special thanks to M.Willemsen from Netherlands Army Museum

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